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Antique Dolls - Collectible Dolls - Doll Price Guides

October 20th, 2011 Collectibles

Buying Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls can be purchased in a variety of different ways. Online retailers such as the Vintage Strawberry Shortcake website are an excellent resource for finding original dolls from the 1980s. Networking in online forums dedicated to collecting these dolls can also help collectors to find the vintage dolls they are seeking. Searching for these dolls online is very simple and enables the collector to search for items located all over the world.

Collectors who prefer to examine products before making a purchase may prefer searching garage sales and trade shows for vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls. This may be a more difficult process of searching for these items but it does provide the collector the chance to carefully examine the item for authenticity before making a purchase.

Caring for Antique Dolls

Caring for antique dolls is very important for helping the dolls maintain their appearance, as well as their value. Proper storage is one of the most important factors that can help antique dolls to maintain their value. Ideally, antique dolls will be stored in a dust free display case that is not exposed to direct sunlight. The storage space should also be an environment which is cool and dry. This will help to keep the doll clean and will prevent fading, which may result from exposure to the sunlight as well as damage from exposure to humidity. Another storage tip for antique dolls is to place a sheet of acid free tissue paper between the dolls clothes and body. This can prevent the colors in the clothing from staining the body of the doll. Finally, collectors should inspect stored items regularly to ensure damage does not occur.

The necessary cleaning techniques for antique dolls will depend on the type of doll. For example, wooden dolls should never be wet because this can cause staining. Instead cleaning the dolls should involve dampening a cloth and gently cleaning the doll. Cloth dolls can be cleaned with cornstarch or talcum powder. The cornstarch can be gently rubbed into the body and left overnight. Then any loose powder should be brushed free. Cloth dolls can also be vacuumed through a thin layer of nylon. Other types of antique dolls should be cleaned according to methods designed specifically for that type of doll.

Conventions for Barbie Collectors

Barbie collectors are fortunate to have conventions available to them where they can network with other collectors, buy, sell and trade collectibles, learn more about collecting Barbie dolls and see new items in the Barbie line.

These conventions are held annually in various different locations. Interested collectors can learn more about attending these conventions through the Mattel website. Another option for learning more about past and future conventions is to become an active member of online communities that focus on collecting Barbie dolls. Here, collectors can connect with others who share their interests and can stay aware of upcoming important events of interest to those who collect Barbie dolls.

Obtaining an Antique Doll Appraisal

An antique doll appraisal can help the collector determine the value of a doll in a collection. In most cases, obtaining an appraisal will involve bringing the doll to an appraiser for a careful examination of the doll. The collector should also bring along any materials that came with the doll including boxes, tags, letter of authenticity or any other supporting materials.

Collectors who are looking for a professional antique doll appraisal may consult the National Antique Doll Dealers Association for information on local appraisers qualified to determine the value of a doll. Alternately, collectors who are merely interested in determining an approximate value of the dolls in their collection for personal use may consult published books and price guides on the subject of the value of antique dolls. Collectors may also consult other collectors who may be more knowledgeable for opinions on the value of dolls in their collection.

Popular Accessories for American Girl Doll Collection

Accessories are a very important part of the American Girl doll collection. The American Girl dolls each have specific personality traits that not only make the doll unique, but make it a doll that collectors can benefit from. The accessories available can play an important role in establishing a personality for the doll.

Some of the accessories available for dolls in the American Girl doll collection include pets, shoes and luggage. These are some of the accessories that can be used to coordinate with the doll’s personality. However, there are other accessories that can be purchased for the purpose of caring for the dolls, such as storage cases and cleaning materials.

Resources for Collecting Antique Barbie Dolls

Collectors of antique Barbie dolls have a variety of options online for the purpose of learning more about these dolls. Some of these valuable resources include online profiles of Mattel, the company that manufacturers the Barbie doll, as well as photo galleries of collectible Barbie dolls.

There are also websites designed specifically for collectors of Barbie dolls. These include websites that focus on the terminology of collecting Barbie dolls as well as websites which assist visitors in determining the value of dolls in their collection. There are also websites that assist collectors in evaluating the condition of dolls in their collection. This is useful because the value of the dolls is often closely related to the condition of the dolls.

Services Offered For Antique Doll Repair

Many companies offer antique doll repair services that can improve the appearance of damaged antique dolls. This includes dolls that were damaged while in the collector’s possession, as well as dolls that were acquired with a certain degree of damage. However, collectors who are concerned about the value of their collection should carefully investigate the repair options available before having a doll repaired to determine whether or not making the repairs will cause the doll to depreciate in value.

Some of the antique doll repair services often offered include re-waxing, body repair, repair of wigs and shoes, clothing reproductions and replacement of fingers and toes. If the doll is being repaired for appearance only, any of these services may be utilized. However, collectors who may be interested in reselling the items in the future are advised against having repairs performed which will compromise the value of the doll. This is because an antique that has been repaired may lose value because it is no longer completely authentic.

Shopping for Dolls in the American Doll Collection from American Girl

Dolls from the American Doll collection are available online and at American Girl Doll stores. Interested collectors can purchase these dolls directly through the American Girl Doll website. However, those who prefer to be able to see the dolls in person do have the opportunity to do this as well. There are American Girl Place stores available in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

Each of these stores offers more than just the opportunity to purchase dolls and accessories. Here shoppers can visit a café or theater, have a birthday party with American Girl characters or attend special events. Each of these stores has their own website with information specific for that location.

Understanding Labels for Barbie Collectibles

In 2004, a color coded system was introduced to denote different levels of collectible Barbie dolls. There are four colors in the system including pink, silver, gold and platinum. The colors indicate the number of dolls produced, as well as where the dolls can be purchased.

Pink level Barbie dolls do not have a quota limited and are available from retailers such as Wal-Mart. Silver level Barbie dolls are produced in quantities of less than 50,000 and are available from toy retailers such as Toys R’ Us. Gold level Barbie dolls are produced in quantities of less than 25,000 and are available through authorized Barbie dealers. Platinum level Barbie dolls are produced in quantities of less than 1,000 and are often created exclusively for one particular dealer or retailer.

Using a Doll Price Guide

A doll price guide can help a collector to determine the value of the dolls in a collection. Published price guides provide information on the value of a doll based on a number of factors including age, rarity, type of doll, manufacturer and condition. However, collectors can also use online price guides for additional information about the value of the dolls in their collection.

Online price guides differ somewhat from regular price guides. While published, price guides may base prices on the value of dolls sold, online guides tend to focus on online sales exclusively. This includes the sale of dolls through popular online auction websites such as eBay. These types of guides reflect the value at which users can expect to buy or sell dolls online which may differ from the price collectors may experience at trade shows or other events for collectors.

Where to Shop for the Bratz Doll Collection

The Bratz doll collection is a relatively knew toy line, but it is becoming increasingly popular. This line is popular with young girls who enjoy playing with the dolls as well as collectors who are interested in securing the dolls in anticipation of the dolls increasing in value in the future.

The Bratz doll collection is readily available. These dolls can be purchased from retailers such as Target, Toys R’ Us, Wal-Mart, JC Penny, Macy’s, KB Toys and K Mart. The dolls may also be purchased online from retailers such as Amazon, eToys and Best Buy. Collectors who are interested in purchasing these items are advised to seek out dolls that are more rare than others in the collection, and to keep the items stored in the original box to help maintain the value.