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Can You Really Win Prizes In The Lottery?

January 3rd, 2014 Games

You've probably heard before that there are a ridiculous amount of things that are more likely to happen to you than winning the lottery. For example, according to the Desert News, a Utah news source, you're 15,000 times more likely to win an Academy Award during your lifetime than win the lottery. You're also 1 million times more likely to be audited by the Internal Revenue Service than strike it rich with the lottery. However, that doesn't mean that it's impossible to win. There are constantly stories in the news about people winning huge amounts of cash in the lottery, so why can't one of them be you? 

The truth is, as unlikely as it may seem, there's still a chance that you could become a lottery winner. While you may think it's all up to chance, that may not be true. Take Richard Lustig, for example, who is a Florida resident who won the lottery seven times. According to Lustig, there are things you can do to increase your chances of hitting it big, and luck isn't connected to the lottery. 

"Luck has absolutely nothing to do with it," he told WFTX-TV in Florida. "How can anybody in their right mind say this guy's won seven times because he's just a lucky guy? Come on. Nobody can be that lucky."

Improve your odds
According to The Huffington Post, Lustig advised that if you're really committed to winning the lottery, then you have to treat it like it's a second job and play each and every week. In 2012, Lustig was interviewed on "Good Morning America" and he offered up the rules that he follows that helped him win. 

First, he recommended that you pick your own numbers rather than having the machine do it for you. While it might be easy to walk into your local convenience store and ask for a random set of numbers, Lustig said that it's better to take things into your own hands. Lustig explained that if you go with a Quick Pick ticket, then each set of numbers is different, which puts you at the worst odds of winning - one in 175 million. 

Once you've picked your numbers, he recommended sticking with them each time you play. Also, he said that you should research and see if the numbers you've chosen have won before. If they have, then they probably won't win again, so keep that in mind.

The last tip he offered was to only purchase as many tickets as you can afford. You don't want to go broke buying a lot of tickets each week, but if you're serious about winning, then you may want to stop buying that large coffee every morning and use the money you save from that to buy more tickets. 

"You don't want to wake up Thursday morning and realize you're a loser and then pull your hair out trying to replace the money you spent," Lustig told WKMG TV, another Florida news source. 

The bottom line is that you can't win if you don't play. Of course it's possible for you to win the lottery, but you have to be smart about it. If you play often, spend a reasonable amount of money on tickets and put a little effort into picking your own numbers, you just might increase your chances of winning. 

If you do happen to win, wealth manager Kimberly Stewart offered some good advice to WKMG. She said you should take care of your family first, and once that's done, you're free to do what you want.