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How to Play Online Cribbage

September 7th, 2011 Games

Cribbage is a fun game to play anytime, and an online version at is well suited for those days when you're bored surfing the web or inside on a rainy afternoon.

To play the game, go to, then click on the Card Games icon. You should find Cribbage listed immediately. If not, just type it into the search bar. The goal of the game is to be the first player to score 121 points. The board shows each player's score. The front peg symbolizes accumulated points, while the difference between the front peg and the rear pegs shows the score of the latest round.

The dealer gives each player six cards, two of which they must discard and put into the "crib," which is the dealer's. The remaining deck must be cut to determine a starting card, which counts toward the value of each player's hand as well as the crib.

Players alternate playing a card one at a time and the value of the cumulative pile is called out after each addition. If you can't play a card without going over 31, you say "go" and the other player plays all the cards he can without going over the 31 point limit. When the round is done, both players' hands and the crib are counted and pegged.

Points earned while playing • A Jack starter card is 2 points • Two of a kind is 2 points • Three of a kind is 6 points • Four of a kind is 12 points • Straights of three or more are 1 point per card • Getting 15 exactly is 2 points • Getting 31 exactly is 2 points • Saying "go" is 1 point • Playing the final card without reaching 31 is 1 point

Points earned in hand or in the crib • A Jack in the same suit as the starter card is 1 point • Two of a kind is 2 points • Three of a kind is 6 points • Four of a kind is 12 points • Straights of three or more are 1 point per card • A sum of 15 is 2 points • A four-card flush in the hand is 4 points • A five-card flush is 5 points.