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How to Play Papa's Burgeria

September 16th, 2011 Games

If you love to cook and have a soft spot for burgers, Papa's Burgeria is a fun game you can play on that will show you how it feels to work in a burger joint.

The first step is choosing your character and beginning the game as a newbie. You're in charge of taking customers' orders, grilling patties and putting the burgers together. You're graded on each category, which affects the amount of tips you receive from each customer.

Once you're all set up, you can begin taking orders. Your character writes down what customers want on their burgers and how they want the meat cooked. Drag the ticket to the top of the screen, then it's time to go to the grilling station. Move a patty over to the grill and monitor how it's cooking. You have to flip it over to make sure both sides are seared and drag it off the grill when it's done. A burnt or uncooked patty won't get you a good tip!

After that, move on to the build station, where it's up to you to put the burger together the way the customer wants it. First, bring a bun over, then place the patty and add the ingredients. Make it neat for extra tips! Deliver it to the customer, who scores you on each category and hands over your tip.

At the end of the day, your scores and tips are tallied and your rank in the burger business increases. When you submit your score, you earn tickets, which can be redeemed for awesome prizes! And to think, all you had to do was lift a finger, not slave over the grill!