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How to Exercise Safely In the Winter

January 27th, 2012 Healthy Living

It's easy to convince yourself that it's too cold or slippery to exercise outside when winter rolls around, but believe it or not, the cold weather can actually be good for your routine.

What's the secret? It's all in how you dress. The right clothing can make the difference between a miserable jog full of shivering and a brisk rump trek through your neighborhood. Make sure you wear proper layers to make the most out of your clothing without having to bundle up too much.

Wear something like polyester, wool or silk as the first layer. You want the fabric to absorb the sweat that accumulates so that it doesn't evaporate and cool you off. Next, put on something thicker that provides insulation, like a fleece. Finally, wear a windbreaker or a heftier jacket that will protect you from the wind or rain.

Believe it or not, a good 30 percent of the heat that escapes from your body does so through the head, so don't forget to wear a hat! You'd be amazed at how much warmer you'll be with a nice wool cap on than when you leave it at home.

Be sure to take good care of yourself when you're finished with your routine. Head inside immediately and change out of your workout clothes. If you stay in the cold for too long, you may increase your risk of developing hypothermia or frostbite. Fix yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate, kick back and enjoy those endorphins!