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Life Changes You Can Make to Save Money

September 12th, 2012 Healthy Living

Even if you aren't in debt, the economic slump may prompt you to cut back your spending and try to save money. Here are a few tips you may want to consider to bolster your bank account and decrease your expenses.

Set priorities

Think of everything that you spend money on, and divide the list into two categories - necessity and luxury. While you may not be able to cut out the necessities, look at your less essential purchases and contemplate whether they're worth spending money on. For your luxuries, you may also want to compile a list that ranks their importance. Perhaps cut out the last three items or activities on the list, or postpone indulging in them until your financial situation stabilizes.

Go green

Practicing eco-friendliness will not only benefit Mother Nature, but it can also help your fiscal situation. Whether you choose to ride your bike instead of driving your car or opt for energy-efficient lighting, you'll save money. During the winter months, don't put the thermostat as high, but put on a couple extra layers of clothing. In the summer, ignore the urge to blast the air conditioner and look for natural ways to keep your home cool. While some eco-friendly purchases may seem like expenses at first, over time they'll pay for themselves and save you money.

Pay bills on time

As soon as you get a bill, you should pay it. This won't only give you a realistic scope of how much money you can spend on non-bill related things, but it'll prevent you from acquiring late fees and interest debts.

Do it yourself

A lot of money gets spent on services and items you could do or make yourself. For example, instead of buying coffee every day, buy ground beans and brew it yourself. Instead of paying for lunch, purchase affordable groceries and make healthy meals at home.