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Why Good Time Management Can Lead to a Happier Life

December 8th, 2011 Inspirational

Do you feel like your free time works like an accordion? One day you can't find a minute to yourself, the next you're faced with hours and hours of inactivity. And it may feel like the grass is always greener - on busy days, you wish you could veg out on the couch for a few hours, but once you're into your third episode of Law & Order, you start to feel restless and unfulfilled. So what's the ideal amount of free time to ensure happiness? According to a study conducted by scientists at Xavier and Baylor Universities, you need to strike a balance between up and downtime.

Researchers surveyed a group of about 1,300 teenagers, asking them to gauge how much free time they believed they had, the importance of material values to them and their subjective opinion of how happy they were. Materialism and compulsive buying were linked to lower levels of happiness, and individuals those with a relatively stable and moderate amount of free time were generally more content than those who were too busy or not busy enough.

What does this mean for you? You should make an honest attempt at focusing your efforts on things that you care about and not letting other projects occupy your free time. Take a step back and earnestly try to figure out how you can better manage your time. You may be surprised to find that you can take on a new project or finally get around to reading that bestseller that's been on your shelf.