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Create a Family Flag

December 28th, 2012 Seasonal

The summer is here, which means kids will be out of school and longing to keep their little hands busy. With Flag Day approaching, why not take this time to create something special, such as a family flag? All you need for materials are various colored pieces of felt, a black marker, a dowel and a pair of scissors.

First, brainstorm a design for your flag. A family coat of arms, for example, will make for a great focal point. Not only is a design such as this attractive, but it also offers you a chance to educate your little ones about their ancestry and background.

You can decorate your flag by creating a symbol for each member of the family based on their own hobbies or interests. For instance, if your children like sports, try to fashion a football out of brown felt. If your son or daughter enjoys art, consider designing a little paintbrush to apply to your project. Try to pick objects that aren't too intricate and can be made with one color of felt. A good way to go about making each symbol is to draw the outline on a piece of felt with your black marker and then cut it out with scissors.

Place each symbol on a large rectangular piece of felt (white will work well because it's neutral and everything will match it). Try to take the time to position each piece carefully, then stick everything on with hot glue. Once your family flag is complete, feel free to hang it outside and display it with pride!